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  1. Reservations that are already confirmed can be modified or canceled, looking at each individual item reserved.

  2. Reservations ON REQUEST will be answered within 48 hours, some exceptions can occur.

  3. We kindly inform that Kaluah cannot guarantee bed types as this is exclusively selected by the hotels according to their occupancy at check-in time. The options can be: two queen beds or full beds, one king with a sofa bed , or even twin beds until completion of the total number of guests informed on the reservation.

  4. Deadline payment is due 10 days prior to the original service request.

  5. Reservations that are not paid within 10 days before the check-in will be canceled automatically in the system. A     reactivation fee will be applied and can be subject to new rates and availability. Kaluah is exempt from any responsibility between the difference of rate on the new reservation, and Kaluah won’t be responsible for the lack of availability of rooms to accommodate the passengers in a similar hotel if necessary to do so.

  6. Cancellation penalties, changes, and NO SHOWS  will apply according to the individual policy of each hotel, services or suppliers.

  7. Deadlines for Cancellation are not related and are not the same as the deadline payments.

  8. Refunds  will be accepted if they are requested with a maximum of 30 days from the check-in date of the guest at the hotel and they will be answered/reimbursed up to 30 days from the date of the process was opened with the hotel/supplier.

  9. We do not guarantee the refund of any amount in case of early departure from the hotel that was reserved, even though there were a verbal or written guarantee from the hotel to the passenger/agent.

  10. Any refund approved by Kaluah Tours will be credited to the client’s account for future payments. Kaluah does not return cash or deposit into bank accounts. It must be used as credit for future bookings. In the case of tickets and attractions, if the refund is approved, the credit will be restricted only for use in ticket issuances of the same attraction and for the same passenger.

  11. To request services for items that are not listed on our website, we charge a fee of service/convenience that varies between 10% from the total of the booking or $20.00 dollars, depending on the service requested.

  12. Attraction tickets that are delivered to the hotel and are not picked up by the guests are not entitled to any refunds, no matter what the reason was.

  13. Kaluah Tour is not responsible for reservations that are canceled by the hotel if the guests arrive at the hotel after midnight and Kaluah or the hotel was not previously informed.

  14. Kaluah is not responsible for cases that the hotel originally reserved is SOLD OUT or any other reasons move the guest to a similar hotel, We will act as an intermediary during the process to ensure that the option offered by the hotel is the same category or superior to the original.

  15. There will be no Refunds for transfers or services that are not done by the guest due to the lack of information from the agent/operator.

  16. The website must be used for bookings to FIT individuals or families, Kaluah Tour is not responsible for bookings made to be used for groups, Special rates, payment conditions, different cancellation policies will be applied to these bookings under the solely responsibility of the agent/operator responsible for these.*condition, rates and amount of rooms for groups must be always requested to the Groups Department before making such booking*.

  17. Confirmed Reservations that does not have cancellation deadlines, will be the solely exclusive responsibility of the agent/operator who made the booking on our website. Kaluah is not responsible and has no control over the cancellation policies, refunds or changes coming from the product suppliers on our website.

  18. Kaluah is not responsible for issues or losses, coming from show cancellations, tours, or attractions without previous notice. There will be no refunds from Kaluah from any service or product canceled by our suppliers without previous notices and for reasons beyond our control. Cases like this are the suppliers fully responsibility for each service.

  19. We are not responsible for bookings that are not honored by our suppliers due to vouchers/Invoices that were not supplied by Kaluah. We will be not responsible for losses or extra charges presented to the passengers, due to changes or vouchers that were not presented at the time of service.

  20. It is total responsibility of the agent to provide the necessary information of any service requested on our website. We are not responsible for any loss due to the lack of incorrect information that is shown on our website. The agent is obligated to check and recheck all material that is given to the passengers before making full payment of the booking. All extra charges paid by the guests are subject to change without notice, for example, resort fee, parking, etc.

  21. All prices are quoted in US Dollars (USD)

  22. No show penalty can vary from 1 night to the full amount of the booking depending on the supplier.

  23. Reservations confirmed during City Wide conventions are subject to cancellation or rate revision once the hotel finds out that clients are participating in those events. The hotel reserves the right to protect the official event organizer with all pre-existing reservations.

  24. Kaluah Tour will not be responsible for taxes changes at hotels and destinations, even on pre-existing reservations. All bookings are subject to a price change in case of taxes and fees are increased by the touristic destination.

  25. Kaluah Tours is not responsible to inform the guest/ agency in case of Hotel renovations/ pool closure/ noise due construction/ any amenity that the guest cannot use due refurbishments.

  26. Please contact Kaluah Tour Operator for any questions or doubts regarding the conditions cited above.

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